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2D Standard Definition To High Definition 3D Upconversion

An interesting side effect of our 3D processing is that it doubles the resolution of content both vertically and horizontally, resulting in 720×480 images appearing to have the detail of 1440×960 images.  This high quality upconversion can be applied with or with out the 3D effect, but in most cases there is no down side to having the conversion to HD, and the Conversion to 3D not done at the same time. The exception would be for Film restoration where other processing needs to be applied to remove noise, scratches, and color.

How It Works:

A series of frames are compared to each other, a decision is made about if all of those frames are from the same scene, if so details from each frame are aligned to details from the adjacent frames.

In moving images this results in the ability to create images with a massive increase in detail and resolution.  In still shots we rely on another technique.  Applying a Gausian Sharpen to the frame combined with a technique we developed to calculate the amount of visual importance a detail has we accentuate details of the frame.  Normally an upconverted frame is a little blurry, and lacking detail.  The combination of these processes results in an image that is extraordinarily crisp.

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Original: (certainly a lot of detail)


Enlarged: Look at extra detail on wrinkles, in the specs in the Frogs Eye, and on the edge of the Focal point.


Original image by axiepics


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