About XDef.TV

Xdef.TV creates compelling 3D content using 2d source.  Our Psycho Visual Modeling is based on years of experience in video compression, and video post-processing.  The results can be truly spectacular.

While good story telling is always fundamental when creating film content, the extra layer of immersiveness that comes from 3D can make the difference between a good user experience and a great one.

Much like the difference between amateur, and professional cinematography is often lighting, lenses, and quality of the fim stock/recording media, 3D is becoming the analagous to the difference between 35mm and 70mm film.  As 3D gains traction in the market place it will start to be the difference between shooting on iMax and shooting on Super8.   As film goers come to expect movies to be 3D, more cinematographers will need to make the move to 3D as well.  XDef believes that the cost to produce compelling 3D shouldn’t be a factor in making a movie.

XDef can help you make your content more profitable, more compelling, and more fun to watch.

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